Waiting Room Toys

Why consider office toys and waiting room toys? Children love to have something to do when they have to wait.  Waiting Room Toys, such as play cubes, busy cubes, bead activity tables and tabletop toys are the perfect solution.  We offer a wide range of sizes and styles to fit every budget. 

Waiting Room Toys are the preferred option to keep children occupied while waiting.  Ideal for preschools and daycare facilities, doctor's offices or dentist offices, hair salons, banks, libraries, car dealerships, hospitals or any business frequented by children.

Animal Families Wire and Bead Maze
Creativity Cube
Healthy House Wall Game
Magic Hands Wall Panel
Available in 3 different colors!
MyPlate Matchup
Amazer Wall Panel
Available in 4 colors!
Giant Giggle Mirror Wall Panel
Available in 6 colors!
Giggle Mirror Wall Panel
Available in 6 colors!
Locomotion Sphere Wall Panel
Available in 2 colors!
Magic Circle Wall Panel
Available in 4 colors!
Superwide Giggle Mirror Wall Panel
Available in 6 colors!
Wilbur Wall Panel
Original Supermaze
Playsa Face Wall Panels

Why provide Waiting Room Toys?

Waiting room toys and office toys are great ways to occupy young children while they wait. Perfect for lobbies frequented by kids, we offer a wide range of toys, suitable for any budget.  Waiting room toys that offer a multi-child experience are perfect for busy offices, as they allow a unique opportunity for more than one child to play at once. Waiting room toys that are colorful in nature, and naturally attract children will ensure they're happily kept occupied. Waiting Room Toys also offer a great way to utilize motor skills, cognitive skills and help children learn to interact. For locations where space is a premium, consider wall panels or wall posters that safely entertain children, while keeping activities off the floor. We carry leaders in waiting room toys, such as Anatex, Great Waits, Playscapes, Hape Toys and more. If you need a suggestion or would like help deciding what's best for your particular needs, please feel free to let us know and we'll be glad to help!