Purchase Order Information

We are happy to provide Net 30 terms for schools, medical facilities and other valid business establishments. In most cases, the signed purchase order will suffice. However, we will contact you if further information is needed to proceed. Please refer to the below instructions for further information.

  • Purchase orders must be accompanied by an authorized signature, and have all billing and shipping information clearly listed.
  • If a Purchase Order # is applicable, please provide it and we will add it to the shipping label.
  • Please provide a contact person's name, email address and phone number on the cover page, or purchase order in the event we have any questions.
  • Net 30 terms will be extended, unless otherwise agreement has been reached in advance.
  • Purchase orders can be faxed to: (510) 743-4161 or mailed to: P.O. Box 152, Reidville, SC, 29375.

Once your purchase order is received, we will acknowledge receipt, and provide shipping information just as soon as item(s) ship.  *NOTE: If there is a backorder delay on any item, you will be notified and can decide whether to continue the backorder, or cancel the order.

If you have any questions concerning submission of a purchase order, we would be glad to help!  Simply contact us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!