Magnetic Toys & Mazes

Magnetic Mazes and Magnetic Toys have long been favorites for children. Mesmerized by the properties of magnets, kids are entertained as they follow through the paths and guide pieces through to the end, or dream up countless construction designs.  An excellent, fun way to encourage fine motor skills, eye hand coordination and logical thinking.  Suitable for home, childcare, classroom, or any waiting room or office frequented by children.


Magnetic toys for children are a perennial favorite!

Without fail, magnetic tables, wall panels and toys have long been considered a favorite choice by children. Magnetic toys offer the chance to use magnetic wands to manipulate the pieces, while magnetic wall panels are great for areas with limited floor space. Magnetic mazes are often tabletop versions that can be easily moved from location to location. Fun, colorful themes naturally attract children and make for the perfect addition to any waiting room, school or home environment. Magnetic tables and toys also offer a great way to utilize motor skills, cognitive skills and help children learn to interact. We offer a wide range of toys, suitable for any budget. We carry leaders in magnetic tables and toys, such as Anatex, Great Waits, Playscapes, Hape Toys and more. If you need a suggestion or would like help deciding what's best for your particular needs, please feel free to let us know and we'll be glad to help!