Animal Buddies - Abigail the Snail

Price: $28.00
Manufacturer: Wallikids
Weight: 5.00 lbs
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Can you help Abigail the Snail find her friends?

Designed with a young eye in mind, WalliKids activity posters offer a wonderful way to entertain children by searching for objects and puzzle-solving. Naturally curious, children will be immediately attracted to the colorful world of WalliKids activity posters.  What are WalliKids activity posters? Simply put, they are a PVC popup material using safe, kid-friendly latex inks.  Perfect for waiting rooms or any learning facility, WalliKids posters and WalliKids posters with framing options are easy to install, easy to change out, easy to clean and easy to handle!

Each poster is designed to intrigue children ages 2-10 with an expertly created mixture of colors, animals, numbers, and fun. Exploring each poster's activities, WalliKids provides ample fun to search for hidden animals, objects or other puzzle-solving problems. Best of all, WalliKids posters come in a variety of different sizes and combinations, making customization for your particular space and needs easy. Select from poster only, or incorporate the poster with a variety of frames and acrylic lenses.

Abigail the Snail is part of the "Animal Buddies Collection," which is typically geared toward younger children who are not yet reading.  "Animal Buddies Collection" focuses on numbers and pictures, so it's easy for young children to play by themselves. 

Be sure to view all images for various frame combinations available!  [NOTE: Example images detail frame options and will contain the poster you purchase.  Watermark will not appear.]


Poster ONLY:  High-quality popup display PVC.  Perfect economical choice that can be easily installed on walls with commercial grade Velcro® (not supplied).

Design image on clear REVERSE-PRINTED ACRYLIC w/ SNAPS: The design is printed directly on acrylic.  The design is reverse-printed on the back of a 1/8th" (3mm) sheet of clear acrylic with a white vinyl backing.  It is screwed to the wall (hardware included) with the screw heads being hidden by colored snap caps.  This reverse-printing results in a very vivid, sharp final look.

Poster with SILVER SNAP FRAME:  This option features a poster with a silver finish frame with rounded corners and clear lens.  All 4 frame edges easily flip up to allow periodic swapping of different posters.  This option is a great way to change the decor on a regular basis with the simple poster swap!

Lap Posters ASSORTED SET of (4):  Printed on high-quality styrene, this assortment is great to have on hand to assist young patients in focusing on fun, quiet activities while awaiting medical appointments or procedures.  Perfectly-sized for small laps, these 12" x 10" posters are easy to hold and a great way to keep kids occupied.  Random assortment of 4 posters, typically including 2 "Animals" and 2 "Puzzle Jumbles" varieties. 

Ages 2-10
Made in the USA.

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