School & Classroom

Planning your school classroom, or childcare facility is easy.  With many options, you can design spaces large or small with school-quality furniture, book browser displays, lockers and storage bins of all sizes.  We also carry classroom building block sets, which are ideal for small hands with big imaginations.  Likewise, school-quality play kitchens are an ideal accompaniment to your learning atmosphere, as children learn to play interactively and imaginatevly. 

Study Center with Bench
Magnification Blocks
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Finger Fun Bead Table
Product is out of stock
Safari Tour Magnetic Sand Table
Big Red Barn
Texture Dominoes
Tactile Bars
Peekaboo Sound Boxes
Tactile Turn 'N Match
3D Feel & Find
Memory Caps
Nest and Stack Cubes
Fraction Cups
Shape and Color Sorter
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Sun Sorter
Fraction Action Board
Community Buildings Set of 6
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Tabletop Book Browser
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