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CPS Mini Rollercoaster

CPS Mini Rollercoaster
Price: $34.95
Manufacturer: Anatex
Weight: 4.00 lbs


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"Colors, Patterns and Smiles" defines the CPS Mini Rollercoaster with its eye-catching colorful patterns and inviting wires and beads. Children are naturally drawn to manipulatives, as they traverse the wires with the colorful beads, moving them back and forth from one end destination to the other.

Wire and bead toys help to develop:

  • eye/hand coordination;
  • visual tracking;
  • ...and color recognition.

The CPS Mini Rollercoaster is an ideal tabletop toy for home play rooms, schools and any waiting room frequented by children.  Made in the USA.

8" x 10" x 12", 4lbs.
Ages 2+

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CPS Mini Rollercoaster

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